1st line of python 004

So the first thing you want to do is open up PyCharm and make a new project and add your name then in the interpreter unfold it and put the download from python then click create. Then, on the top left side of the editor right-click on the file that you just made, and click New, then New Python File, then name your file.  now you want to open up a new terminal witch we will call console, but if already open then skip this step but don't type in there. First, I will tell you what to write then I will explain. Let's write: print("hello world); then click enter.
Then right next to the play button there's a button directly to the left of it on the top right corner, click on it then choose the name of your project then click play.
What this is doing is telling the computer to type hello world in the console. That's it for now in the next post we will talk about variables and data types.

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